q.  how long is the flight?

A.  Most flights are about one (1) hour.  However they can be as short as 45 minutes or as long as one(1) hour and 30 minutes.  It just depends on weather conditions and landing sights.  Because the event includes more than just your flight, plan on three to four hours for your experience.

q.  what should I wear?

A.  Wear what ever is comfortable for the outdoor activity for that time of year.  Layered clothing and possibly a hat.  NO OPEN TOE SHOES, SANDLES, FLIP-FLOPS OR HIGH HEELS.  As far as temperature, it won't be noticeably cooler up at our flight altitudes than it is on the ground. 

all flight prices include:

Approximately a one hour flight, a post flight champagne toast with a light brunch and a souvenir flight certificate.

We gladly accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover cards.


frequently asked questions:





reservation and cancellation policy

Reservations are required.  Call to hold your reservation with a credit card. 

Your card will not be charged until the flight is completed.

To allow us time to book replacement passengers,
we require 48 hours notice to cancel a booked trip.


Skydancer Balloon Company


q.  what should I bring along?

A.  We suggest you bring your early morning coffee (though restrooms are not provided), sunscreen, if needed, and of course,  you will want something for your scrapbook, so you might want to bring a camera.

Q.  where and when do we meet?

A.  We meet approximately one (1) hour before sunrise.  Your pilot will contact you approximately 12 hours before you flight with the exact time and location.  You should also feel free to call us anytime with questions or if there are special circumstances you need help with or that we should know about.

Due to the COVID19 restrictions, Skydancer Balloon Company, LLC will not be flying for the remainder of 2020.

We appreciate all of you who have been patiently waiting to book a flight.  Please check back with us after the first of the year, 2022.

q.  where does the flight take place?

A.  Most of our flights launch from an area about 25 miles west of Chico, CA over farm land and vineyards.