The hot air balloon experience is more than just lift off and landing.


Come enjoy a hot air balloon ride over California.

We fly because we love to fly and we love to share the experience with others.  Ballooning is one of our favorite outdoor recreational activities.

Hot Air Balloon Rides California


not just a flightcome see the fun

Skydancer Balloon Company


hot air balloon rides


Skydancer Balloon Company special occasion venue.


Let Skydancer Balloon Company hot air balloon rides be your special occasion venue and take you peacefully drifting across tree tops as dawn breaks for an experience not to be missed.


Float in the air with tranquility then come back to earth with celebration.


From take off to landing, a balloon ride is a far more delightful experience than you can imagine. Our hot air balloon rides prices are listed on the next page.  Please check it out.

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